Friday, March 6, 2009

The whole U2 at Fordham thing...

Fordham got some much craved coverage on Good Morning America this morning when it featured U2 performing on the steps of Keating Hall. Previously, the steps of Keating Hall had featured such acts as “douche freshman playing his guitar”, “drunk couple having sex at 4 AM”, and “me drunkenly playing Oregon Trail on a friend’s laptop while eating Ritz crackers.” Nevertheless, U2 was up to the challenge of following these legends, captivating an entire crowd of students and alumni gathered on Eddie’s parade and no doubt pissing off the Clap Your Hands Say Yeah crowd who were jonesing for a game of ultimate Frisbee.

I admit – this one’s been a long time coming for Fordham, whose sole pinpoint of recognition is that a character from Spin City supposedly attended. If one were to tune into Good Morning America and see Fordham, they may be impressed that such a school can land an act such as big as U2. They may even send their kid there, thinking that the forty-two grand a year would undoubtedly be worth for the surely frequent U2-caliber experiences. To be fair though, Good Morning America should have really supplied the list of bands which had appeared at Fordham immediately prior to U2. This list includes (but is not limited to) Yellowcard, Lifehouse, Third Eye Blind, Sister Hazel, Ghostface Killa, Busta Rhymes, and those two Mariachi guys who frequent the 6 Train.

I can’t help but wonder what prompted U2 to choose Fordham as their GMA college. I suppose the Jesuit (Bono likes religion) thing could have helped, but I strongly suspect they just haven’t heard of Columbia. Consequently, it is also possible that U2 were simply told that they were at Columbia. Or at least at America’s only college. Not once during the performance did I catch Bono, etc. ever mention Fordham by name. Sure, the term “college” was amply used, as well as the idea of college on the whole. Still, the curious lack of specifics only supports my theory that they had no idea where they were.

Another possibility was that McShane sent U2 the same recruitment pack he sends scouted high school seniors. I admit it, that pamphlet and vidfomercial makes Fordham look and sound fantastic. I can totally see the Edge watching it and thinking “wow, small classes and a well rounded Jesuit education, there’s something I can definitely rock out to!” However, like many of us, I’m sure upon their campus arrival U2 was wondering what happened to all the hot girls from the vidfomercial.

Then again, maybe they just couldn’t get NYU. Sigh.

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