Thursday, March 12, 2009

The War on Indie

I was just informed that my improv practice group would be considered “indie”. This got me to thinking. We have never put on a show or developed a following. Hell at this point we don’t even have a group name. I suppose technically, this falls under the definition, but doesn’t that make us more “obscure”, “unknown” or “non-factor”. The term “indie” has gotten out of hand. Once used to refer to unsigned bands and movies featuring Ryan Gosling, the term can now essentially be used to label anything that’s not represented by Viacom.

There are just too many questions about the term…

Am I indie because I’ve never costarred with George Clooney in anything?’

Are the Florida Marlins indie because their attendance figures are poor?

Is Osama Bin Laden indie because his videos only reach a limited audience?

Are my pants indie because only I’ve worn them?

Is my rash indie because only I know about it?

Is my sandwhich indie because only I’m going to eat it?

Is my mom indie because she’s not society’s mom?

Are my dreams indie because they feature three guys from Fleet Foxes?

Is that copy of Pearl Harbor on dvd at my house indie because it hasn’t been opened yet?

Hats are not indie, but is the my poem about hats indie?

CONCLUSION: “Indie” is just a term developed to help people who live in Brooklyn cope with the idea that they are unsigned. The end. Sorry I got so worked up before...

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