Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Birth of the Zach Braff Mysteries

I haven't updated this thing in awhile, so I figure hey, might as well update this thing. Tomorrow (Feb. 15th...the bastard child stuck in the Friday the 13th/Valentine's Day/President's Day juggernaut) is the first of hopefully several Zach Braff Mysteries, a comedy-variety show hosted by yours truly('s sketch troupe, Robert's 2nd).

For those of you who read this, but aren't facebook friends with me or talk to me ever, here are the details...

The Zach Braff Mysteries
Sunday, Feb 15th - 7PM
The City @ The Broadway Comedy Club
318 53rd Street - New York, America
$5 + Drink

I for one am looking quite forward to it, as its an opportunity to put pretty much anything on stage in front of an audience. Did someone say "Fringe" re-enacted with finger puppets? I might have.

Be there y'allz!

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