Thursday, March 19, 2009

Best Extended Use of My Name Ever

This is staggering. The parents of this chick I know Whitney attended the Zach Braff Mysteries last week and demanded that they let me know through e-mail. What took place was amazing. Observe...


Please forward this message to Hadge or AKA: Badge (Bad Hadge) or Madge (Mad Hadge) or Bondadge (Spy Hadge) or Bandadge (The Group) or Fadge (you just never know) or Steeradge (in the lowest decks of a ship) or Homadge (Yoga Hadge) or Gadge ( one 'T' short of a thing you can use) or Smadge (just a little more than a pinch) or Snadge (oopsie!) or Dosadge (2 Spanish Hadges) or Mileadge (Jazz Hadge) or Groupadge (Hadge Fans) or Manadge (in the gym) or Piladge (on exstacy) or Beveradge (the fertile triangle) or Camophlage (hard to see in the woods) or Assembladge (Christmas in Boston with family) or Sewadge (Lawyer Hadge) or Overadge (airplane joke) or Bagadge (at the store shopping) or Cleveadge (Ohio Hadge) or (my personal favorite) Advantadge (clever new marketing scheme crafted by Hadge while enlisting the help of a very good friend with a van)


We truly enjoyed your show. Next time we'll be sure to stay. Our best,
Your Two New Biggest Fans,
roy & Cathie(Whitney's Dad & Mom)"

Dosadge = 2 Spanish Hadge's?! Insane. And brilliant.

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itswhitneybitches said...

wandy makes me so proud.