Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Night the Internet Went Out

The time? 8:01 PM – Friday, February 17, 2007. The internet’s just been turned off throughout Fordham. I hit “refresh” again and again, only to receive the same “404 File Not Found” message that stares back at me, mocking me. An attempt to sign on to AOL Instant Messenger proves just as pointless, never quite getting past the “Step 1. Connecting” stage, and subsequently informing me that my “Connection has been lost” – cruel bastards, cruel heartless bastards. I can’t quite think straight, everything’s a little darker. Want to google so many things but alas, know this is no longer possible. Try to keep control of myself, but I only drool more. Parts of my body have begun to twitch and I have no idea of how exactly to stop them. Suicide is outrageous I know, but it begins to creep into the picture as a possibility. I’ve stopped blinking, for I have no longer a reason to keep my eyes moistened. Eating? Forget it, my appetite is as blank as my homepage as it “Detects proxy settings” to no avail. Any control I may have at one point had over any and all bodily functions has been lost in a deep sea of despair and confusion on my carpet. I’ve eaten two of my toes, though I’m aware of my pastrami sandwich in the fridge that I didn’t finish at lunch. The madness takes over. I can feel it like a virus, consuming my very being, spreading its way up into my nostrils and through my soul, slithering and writhing like the ungodly beings of hell…the madness…the madness…

The time? 8:03 PM – Friday, February 17, 2007. It’s working again. False alarm.