Sunday, December 28, 2008

An Apology

For those of you who read last week's adventure, "In Pursuit of Christmas Spirit", I would like to apologize. My copious use of the word "retarded" prompted a commenter - one of the three to ever do so - to point out that I had copiously used the word "retarded". While I have only the utmost respect for the mentally handicapped, and of course meant no harm in the telling of the tale, I would like to settle the score on one issue...

Any time the term "retarded" was utilized, it was always prefaced by "near-", as in "The Foster Orphanage for the Near-Retarded". Though you might suggest that this changes nothing, it actually changes everything. Plus, I can hardly take the blame for the foster home possessing that name in the first place.

Nevertheless, I do apologize to those offended. I was a real near-prick.

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