Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Fun with Nosejobs!

So this has been making me chuckle all day. Every Wednesday I have a class about mass media and national identity (yes, it's as concrete as it sounds), the latest in the long line of fluffy light communications classes. Now, during my long stretch of Comm and Med. Stud. classes, I have a few times been with this particular young woman who, as I noticed in September, got a nosejob over the summer. Of course, that's what you gotta do to make yourself happy. However, this girl has always been something of a pill, not the nicest bulb in the closet. Anyway, during this class she has spoken up a few times for reasons that have TOTALLY tickled me. Totally.

1) We had just watched a clip from "Do the Right Thing", Spike Lee's racial romp for the whole family, which featured Spike Lee's character Mookie talking with John Turtorro's racist Italian character, Pino (I think). After the clip, which presented both characters as somewhat racist towards each other - this girl raised her hand, about to completely miss the point. She stated that as a proud Italian, this clip offended her. Of course, this is the same girl who had just been surgically altered to look more Irish the past summer. I thought it was funny.

2) During the discussion about our final, after the professor had stated we need to write in pen (like...every test since 4th grade?), the girl raises her hand and states that she really feels strongly about writing in pencil, just in case it looks bad so she can clean it up. The parallells to the final and her face are many and hilarious. So she likes erasing and fixing, we know that much.

Normally I'd wait for a third instance, but after two, I couldn't hold it in any longer. Nosejob girl, if you read this, I'm sorry. But next time make sure you say things that can't be directly tied to the fact that you just got a nosejob. It's just too awesome to ignore. Thank you.

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