Monday, May 11, 2009

Hey, we gotta start advertising Angels and Demons!

Tom Hanks/Ron Howard/Dan Brown vehicle Angels and Demons waits in the cinematic wings to knock Wolverine out of the No. 2 spot at the box office this weekend. Obviously, the ad campaigns, TV spots, and Arby's promotional thermoses are going to be thrown at us, the public, like advertisements at...a public. However, I caught a TV spot today that mentioned what the critics are saying about Angels and Demons. The list went like this:

"Better than the DaVinci Code...!"

...followed by an (I hope) unintentional awkward pause, and then the film title. It's almost as if the promotions people were saying "Yeah, we know...we aren't gonna see this either." Hailing that a sequel is better than the original in a trailer only ever works if the original was awesome. This worked for Spiderman, Toy Story, and the first four Land Before Time's. Here, the quote was probably taken from a critic's review that went something like this:

"Angels and Demons was, I don't know, I guess better than the DaVinci Code, but what isn't? That thing was a three-hour pile of Pope feces. Don't ask me how a pile can be three-hours long, that's not the point. I enjoyed my last three kidney stones better than the DaVinci Code. There's no way someone could take any of what I'm saying out of context!"

They really may as well have said...

"Critics are calling it 'Better than Something Really Boring and Unenjoyable"

"Critics are calling it 'Better than just taking thirteen dollars and throwing it in a wood chipper. Slightly."

"Critics are calling it 'Better than that time I accidentally got a boner in math class and had to stand up, but I was wearing sweatpants!'"

Saying a thing is better than a bad thing does not necessarily compliment that first thing. Anyway, if anyone sees it and its awesome, let me know. At the moment, I just know that one guys liked it better than something that was terrible.

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