Friday, September 19, 2008

Dear establishment, take THAT!

Subway platform ad vandalism is, in my opinion, one of the top art forms of this or any time. To be able to look at any advertisement and know exactly where a well placed Hitler mustache, blacked out tooth, or penis is appropriate takes a skill that Van Gough would have sold his other ear for. However, as with any art, there are beginners out there who don't quite...get it, abusing the privilege that comes with owning a black sharpie and carrying it around with you at all times. A prime example came today, as I traveled on the Subway from 96th street. At said station, there was an advertisement for the Showtime network's fine gaggle of original programming, including spots for "Californication", "Weeds", "The Tudors" and "Dexter". However, where "Weeds" was written, with white lettering over a black background, some two-bit ad vandalist had blacked out the "S", having it read simply "Weed". Now, if there's one way to stick it to society, it's the use of singular tense where plural tense was otherwise intended? I guess? The worst part was that the vandalist simply stopped there. He didn't draw a mustache on Mary-Louis parker, or black out David Duchovney's teeth, or draw a penis next to the mouth of the guy from The Tudors. Nothing. He was that proud and content with his singularization of the term Weeds, that he could just pack up that black sharpie and move on, telling his friends of his S-blacking out escapades along the way. I, as a subway-riding member of society, feel burnt by this young man, but probably not for the reason he intended.

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