Sunday, May 25, 2008

Do You Like to Rock?

I for one am tired of musicians asking their concert goers if they are ready to rock. They know damn well that the only ones who would be ready to rock are those holding musical instruments. It’s just a little smug, in my opinion. They might as well follow it up with “oh wait, you can’t! Bitch!” The musician should then provide time for the audience to ask them if they’re adequately prepared to rock, as it is what we’ve paid good money to experience.

I also have a problem with them asking their audience if they like to rock, particularly during songs when they can’t think of anything better to do. The only ones who would have any idea on their status of that query would be those who have previously rocked, and also therefore be able to play a rock instrument. In this case, I also believe said instrument is limited to an electric guitar. I mean, has anybody ever rocked on organ? Bass? Triangle? Folly. What these rock musicians should ask their audience is this…

“Are the guitar players with sufficient years of experience in the crowd and who also brought their equipment to the show today which would be tough because of the tightness of security but either way get over it figure something out ready to rock?”

And the three of us would try our best to be heard with our affirmative answer.

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