Friday, September 25, 2009

Kickin Slumber

Man, I had the most rockin’ sleep. I started out by just like lying down, you know? Nothing too difficult. I was ridin’ that left side for awhile, lying on it like a fiend. Check this out though – my left arm was under my pillow right? So then, I take it and swing around to my side so I’m now flat on my stomach, just totally pillow-facing that bed. A move that’s fancier than it is practical for comfort, admittedly. Still, I got some major doze-age out of that, but my sleep buzz was starting to wear and tear. Time to bring in the big guns. I pulled my patented “beached dolphin” move, where I lie on my right side with my left arm hanging down away from my body. Effin’ sweet effin’ move. That may as well have been an express ticket to slumberville. The heat was gettin’ to me though, and the blanket quickly became like a major buzzkill. No prob though, pulled a reverse scissor-kick to get that sucker off the majority of my body. Nice, I was totally set. Not so – cuz then I started to cramp up in said position and had to revert back to start position, riding that left side again. This time though, it was fresh. Real fresh. Call me a letter hunter, cuz I was catching some major kickass Z’s. Bummer though, I was woken up by another dream about demon babies. Heroin is baaad for me.

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