Saturday, November 15, 2008

First "Realty" Show Set to Premier

A slight typo has led to the linchpin of TBS’s new Monday night programming lineup, Estate of Love. After a poorly written memo demanding a “reality show” was delivered to the head of programming at the network, preparations were underway to give teen starlet Monisha Butterphly (My New Mommy’s Dance Party, OMG Hot Boys!, Schindler’s List 2: Dance Party) a new hit series. Unfortunately, due to the near unintelligible handwriting of the company’s CEO, the program transformed from Butterphly living in a Los Angeles house with nine irritable fashion bloggers to Butterphly working in a real estate office in Jackson, Mississippi.

“While it’s not exactly what I had intended, I remain confident that Estate of Love will be a rousing success” claimed TBS CEO Brad Billington, “though I swear my memo definitely said ‘reality’, not ‘realty’. It was pretty clear. Even if not, I would think the former would have been implied. Whatever, it’s fine.”

Estate of Love, despite its unorthodox origins, has the industry abuzz and online gossip e-zines cooking with rumors of the juicy dramatics that are likely to unfold. The nation cannot wait to see how Butterphly interacts with the remaining staff of Jackson Realty, which opened in 1986. As of the episodes shot so far, Butterphly is currently serving in an entry level administrative position, due to her lack of experience in the field. But there’s no telling how far she’ll climb as the season progresses.

“She probably won’t climb very far, our staff is very small. Anyone in a prominent position has been here for the better part of two decades and are in their late-forties to early-fifties” claims manager of Jackson Realty, Barney Jackson, “She’s only working here because TBS made us fire poor Beatrice Perry, who was set to retire in three weeks and whose cat just passed away.”

Though the program has a fairly bland setting, viewers and fans of Butterphly’s delightful bigotry will not be disappointed by her reported occasional break room antics. And just wait until you see Butterphly adjust to using a fax machine, in a hilarious fish-out-of-water scenario.

“If people watch this, I will be surprised and content”, chimes Billington, “…but will have lost all faith in humanity.”

Estate of Love premiers Monday at 9 on TBS, right after House of Payne and right before House of Payne.

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