Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Viewers Like You

While at work today at Sesame Street Workshop, it occurs to me that public television is in terrible, terrible shape. While I enjoy it here quite a bit, there are simply some facets that cannot compare to my previous internship, The Daily Show, which is a cable show. Like any other walk in life, I base internships on one major factor - the free stuff. Seeing as internships are typically unpaid, the free stuff factor can be very huge. That being said, let's do a quick comparison between the contents of the Daily Show's free stuff bin and Sesame Street's free stuff bin...

The Daily Show (MTV Networks): Deluxe emmy dvd box sets, Colbert Report poster not available in stores, Fuck This Book, She Comes First (book), He Comes Next (book), HBO 34-dvd cube, humerous Dick Chaney t-shirt, Bush "countdown of time left in office" keychain, The Simpsons: Season 7 dvd set, lots of various candy

Sesame Street (PBS): Half of a bag of prezels someone didn't want to finish.

See what I mean? Please, do your part to save public television...so I can get better free stuff. Thank you.

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